Sustainability Services

Sustainability Research

Greensynergy research activity is carried out through consulting projects for businesses, organizations and university partners. The following are the main research themes:

Sustainability Culture

  • Complexity theory and sustainability culture
  • Emergence models of sustainability culture
  • Activating and embedding sustainability culture in businesses, organisations, institutions and social enterprise.

Professional Practice in Sustainability

  • Emergence-based patterns for sustainability practice
  • Professional sustainability practice in business, industry, government and non-government organisations, communities and community groups, and sustainability projects
  • Participatory processes in community and organizational sustainability projects.

Sustainable Communities, Green Cities and Green Building

  • Green building, sustainable place-making and community development.
  • Remote Indigenous community development, participatory housing and technology processes, and lifecycle assessment.
  • Sustainable regional development, including regional cities and towns

Technology Philosophy

  • Socio-technical systems
  • Technology as emergent human culture
  • Technacy theory and application
  • Technacy and sustainability