Sustainability Services

Sustainability for Enterprise

Sustainability Culture: EcoPractice

  • Our EcoPractice suite of emergence-based collaborative cultural processes are designed to help your enterprise adopt sustainable practices and develop a strong sustainability culture. Please go to our EcoPractice section.

Energy, Water, Waste + Carbon Footprint Assessments

  • Mapping, measuring, analysing and transforming resource use can deliver immediate value to your business, but better yet, these processes can be your entry to the sustainability path. We can help you transform your enterprise in all aspects of resource use.
  • Assessment processes include site inspections and occupant interviews, analysis of current conditions, mapping the carbon footprint, identifying useful monitoring tools, preparation of an action plan for change, site-based learning-by-doing programs and preparation of user manuals.

Greening Supply Chains

  • We can help you identify and embed ways of greening your supply chain. This includes assisting with navigating and interpreting various product and material rating systems, and making procurement decisions based on lifecycle assessment.
  • We can also help you find ways to complete the cradle-to-cradle cycle where it becomes a resource for other enterprises.

External Stakeholder Engagement

  • In a connected world, achievement of true sustainability is not possible without the participation of your external stakeholders in the development of your sustainability systems.
  • We can help you map your stakeholders and include such engagement in your sustainability systems.

NSW Government Sustainable Business Programs

  • We are on several NSW Government Sustainable Business Consultants Panels. We can help you register for these programs and provide you with a range of consulting services under these programs, as listed below:
    • Sustainability Advantage Program: Resource Efficiency, Staff Engagement and External Stakeholders Engagement Modules
    • Sustainability 101 for Business: A short introductory workshop in business sustainability
    • Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program: We can provide a low-cost electricity assessment, an Energy Action Plan and facilitation of identified upgrades. This scheme is currently being re-designed for launch in July, 2013.
    • Energy Savers Scheme (Energy Saving Certificates): We can act as agents with Accredited Certificate Providers to help you generate carbon credits with your proposed energy upgrades.