Sustainability Services

Green Project Management

Facilitation + Project Management

  • Greensynergy can offer green project management to ensure any project team keeps sustainability goals “front of mind”.
    • Greensynergy can be part of your in-house Green Team, facilitating programs and processes.
    • Assistance with “designed-in sustainability” in the feasibility and planning phases of any project.
    • Greensynergy can offer full sustainability project management.


  • Community-based participatory planning for sustainability and community development projects:
  • Community planning and layouts
  • Community housing
  • Self-build projects
  • Community infrastructure planning
  • Remote area projects

Green Value Management + Lifecycle Assessment

  • Assistance with Value Management processes to ensure that sustainability is integral to project planning and not “bolted on”.
  • Coaching Value Management teams to implement lifecycle thinking into Value Management processes.
  • Application of Lifecycle Assessment tools to assist project design

Integration + Packaging of Greensynergy Services

  • As sustainability is a new culture, sustainability-oriented activities regularly incorporate many factors at different scales and contexts.
  • Many Greensynergy Consulting services can be integrated to provide a more holistic approach, with higher value outcomes.