For businesses, organisations, institutions and social enterprise there are three broad phases of practice, which can be arranged to suit any context:

  • Ecoplicity (an introduction to organizational sustainability and cultural change)
  • Ecotransitions (process-oriented, fundamental organisational sustainability)
  • Ecoplexity (advanced organisational sustainability and cultural change)


For participants, employees and team members there are three phases:

  • Greenstarters (a tailored sustainability induction process for new participants, employees and team members)
  • Greenlearners (delivery of any required sustainability training programs to support sustainability capacity, accredited or non-accredited)
  • Greenchangers (capacity development, mentoring, coaching and support for sustainability managers, sustainability champions, participants and small-to-medium business owners)

Sustainability Practitioners

For independent sustainability practitioners, Industry and University-based professional development courses:

  • Ecoplexity Masterclass