EcoPractice incorporates the following approaches:

  • First steps in sustainability through to advanced sustainability
  • Processes tailored for any context
  • Living systems-based theory and practice
  • Application of Ecoplexity Models and Patterns
  • Participatory methods
  • Action Learning through a spiral, cyclic approach
  • Developing an “inner sustainability culture” as a critical personal capacity
  • The combination of both generalist and specialist perspectives
  • Technacy perspectives and Technacy Genre Theory and Practice

And applies the following tools and methods:

  • Multiple-action concurrent practice, with multiple entry points
  • Cross-organisation, multi-disciplinary problem solving workshops
  • Group methods appropriate to the organisational context, the degree of complexity of the issues at hand and the current levels of sustainability implementation and state of sustainability culture
  • Workshops, short or intensive
  • Training sessions in specific areas of need
  • Mentoring and Coaching directly with staff and participants