Sustainability programs

Programs for Activating Sustainability and Creating Sustainability Culture

How successful is your organisation’s transition to sustainability?

If you are not satisfied with your approach to change, or have made the easy changes and finding the next phases difficult, you may not be accounting for the degree of complexity in your operating environment.

McKinsey suggests that up to 70% of all change efforts fail, because change agents do not account for the degree of complexity and the extent and impact of the hidden networks in their organisations.

To help your business, organisation, institution or social enterprise in your transition to sustainability, EcoPractice is offered by Greensynergy Consulting as a suite of emergence-based, collaborative cultural processes designed to:

  • activate and embed sustainable practices; and
  • create and develop a culture of sustainability in all parts of your organisation and its programs, projects, processes or actions.

The core of EcoPractice is an advanced approach to sustainability practice and creating sustainability culture; yet, because many organisations are only commencing the sustainability journey, EcoPractice also includes commencing phases for organisations and individuals.

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